Sporting Pastimes Photography: Blog en-us (C) Sporting Pastimes Photography (Sporting Pastimes Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:56:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:56:00 GMT Preparation Keaton Spry preparing for his pommel horse routine at Dynamo Gymnastics in Hamble, a great club based just outside Southampton.  

This was part of a shoot that I did for the club for their junior gymnasts.  The boys and girls are so talented and confident, I was amazed at the routines the girls performed on the beam, and on edge incase they fell off, which they didn't! I was in awe of the boys on the rings, their strength has to be seen to be believed. 

From a photographic point of view the light is challenging to say the least.  I'm regularly shooting at ISO 8,000-10,000 to get reasonable shutter speeds.  For this shot i set up 3 flash heads to darken the background and isolate Keaton and the chalk cloud.

PreparationGymnast preparing for his routine on the pommel horse



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Mountain Biking at Aston Hill in Wendover Woods I spent a great few hours watching brave (mad?) guys and girls throwing themselves down the black run at Aston Hill bike park in Wendover Woods in the Chiltern Hills last Sunday.  I was amazed at the speed that they attacked the turns and jumps, they seem completely fearless.  In a past life I have to admit that I was mad keen on mountain biking, although my Orange P7 and Pace forks are now considered 'classic', and although I loved the single track and darting between the trees I must admit that I would never have the nerve to do what these downhill maestros do with such apparent ease.

It's a great photo opportunity, if you get a chance give it a go.  Some of the competitors have time to put on a show for the photographers on their way down, I think they liked the attention in I'm honest.  Get up close and personal, dial in a bit of flash and drag the shutter.  

Still I was mighty impressed, looking forward to the next race.  If you are into mountain biking and would like some shots like this get in contact. 

Mountain Biking at Aston Hill Big air jumps during the downhill race on 17 April 2016.


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Dynamo Gymnastics Portraits This week I have been working with Dynamo Gymnastics Club in Hamble taking sporting portraits of their young gymnasts.  I have had such a fun time working with the gymnasts who show so much enthusiasm, although at times this was overwhelmed by shyness but in the later shoots they had obviously been talking and planning and the poses became more and more complicated.  

In the final Session we were lucky enough to be joined by Kelly Simm, Commonwealth World Champion, amongst other accolades.  Kelly was a real star, the gymnasts loved her, and her medals, and nothing was too much trouble for her to ensure we got the pictures everyone wanted. 


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London Lions Fantastic evening court side at the Copperbox Arena watching the London Lions Basketball play Leeds Force.  The Lions won 99-60.  Amazing fast paced game in an awesome stadium. Check out my page for more images from the night.

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Pro Celebrity Golf 2015 BMW Pro Celebrity Golf at Wentworth on Wednesday 20th May 2015

Chris Evans chips neatly on to the green on the 3rd hole.  Chris is sporting some very natty shoes complete with Pudsey bear emblem! I have to say that when Chris plays golf the course comes alive.  He also eschewed fashion sporting a modest bag for his clubs.  A great day with plenty of celebrities, and pros, enjoying the highs and lows of golf at an amazing course.  

I will be post in more pictures from the day soon so look out for the the new gallery.

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